Monday, 27 June 2011


Cut Hands - Afro Noise I

Volume 1
A01 Welcome To The Feast Of Trumpets
A02 Stabbers Conspiracy
A03 Rain Washes Over Chaff
A04 Nzambi Ia Lufua

B01 Who No Knows Go Knows
B02 ++++ (Four Crosses)
B03 Brown-Brown
B04 Shut Up And Bleed

Volume 2
C01 Munkisi Munkondi
C02 Impassion
C03 Ezili Freda
C04 Nzambi Ia Muini

D01 Bia Mintatu
D02 Kongo
D03 Backlash
D04 Rain Washes Away Every Thing

1 comment:

scott said...


after working late one night tying together metal grids (for foundations) with wire my friend thought he deserved a day off afterward cos the sharp ends of the (snips) cut metal wires had done his hands in.. on the phone he said his hands were covered in little cunts.

dunno why i remembered that (was listening to yr FACT mix) and decided to post it on here, but there you go.